Brush Art – Digitise Your Pet!


Let’s be honest, our pets rule 🙌🏼

We cuddle them all day, take hundreds of pictures of them and best of all we love to show them off.
Create the perfect art piece of your furry friend. A team of talented artists are ready to create the perfect picture of your pet. A perfect decoration, gift or simply a memory.

  • Price per one pet (more than one pet on an artpiece is possible)
  • Delivery by e-mail
  • 300 dpi and 1500×1500 pixels (up to A3 size)
  • Choose any background brush color you like
  • JPG file
  • Includes name / text of your choice
  • Including 2 subsequent revisions (provided this is indicated within 48 hours after delivery)
  • Waiting time: between 1 – 10 days
  • PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately it often happens that our e-mails (deliveries and order confirmations) end up in our customers’ spam boxes. So always check this carefully after you have placed an order!

With this style it is very important that the photo is very clear and sharp. It is also important that there is no shadow from one side. It is therefore best to take the picture outside, when the sun is not shining too brightly. This way the light comes from all sides.